HS3 HYDRONIC D5E 12V - 252652050000

HS3 HYDRONIC D5E 12V - 252652050000

Kabair - Montréal, Québec

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Hydronic S3 Economy D5E 12V CL - HEATER ONLY

252652050000, 25.2652.05.0000, 25.2652.05.0000.0, 25 2652 05 00 00

Third-generation fuel-powered water heater with 5 kW heating power. The heater is used to heat the interior of the vehicle (cab) and the engine and to de-ice the windows (defrost). The device can also be used in boats and motor homes to heat water needed for domestic purposes. Compact heater for tight installation spaces, as water pump and fuel metering pump are installed separately.

Control stages

Start Small Large
Electrical power consumption without water pump
135 W 5 W 32 W
1,300 W 5,000 W
Fuel consumption
0.15 l/h 0.59 l/h


Operation suitable to x altitude 1,500 m
Upper voltage limit 16 V
Lower voltage limit 10.5 V
Allowed pressure during operation 2.5 bar

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