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HVAC Package for Ram Promaster 159" Extended Wheelbase High Roof

Material Aluminium
Approx. install time 7.6
Weight 503 lb
Make Ram
Model Promaster
Wheelbase 159"
Roof Height High Roof / Toit Haut

Products included in package:
• 1X 30-TBH Twin Level Refrigerant Bottle Holder
• 1X 30-BH-SM Small Bottle Holder
• 1X 11-8420-0 Drawer Cabinet 18"Wide x 48"Deep x 20"High
• 1X 21-6563-4 Profiled back shelf unit 60"Wide x 15.5"Deep x 63"High with 4 shelves
• 1X 30-HK-SMD Swivel Medium Hook (4" Opening)
• 1X 33-S363-5 Profiled Back Refrigerant Shelf Unit 12.45"Wide x 13.5"Deep x 63"High for 5 small bottles
• 1X 30-HK-FMD Fixed Meduim Hook (3" Opening)
• 1X 30-BH-LG Large Bottle Holder
• 2X 30-CCH-SK Under shelf carry case holder w/case
• 1X 21-7563-4 Profiled back shelf unit 72"Wide x 15.5"Deep x 63"High with 4 shelves
• 1X DO-172 2-set Locking door kit for 72"Wide shelving unit
• 1X 23-4363-5 Profiled back bin shelf unit 43"Wide x 13.5"Deep x 63"High with 5 shelves
• 2X 11-3406-0 Drawer Cabinet 13.5"Wide x 48"Deep x 6"High
• 1X 30-TE-34 Top Edge for drawer cabinet 13.5"Wide X 48"Deep

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